A Revolution in Real Estate Sales




“A detailed description of how to be successful in real estate sales. There are over one million realtors in the United States. You need to be different. In this book, I share a simple, inexpensive system that will get you listings, repeat business and referrals which will assure your success in real estate. You’ll learn an efficient, inexpensive way to list For Sale By Owner Homes, list Expired Homes and how to create and maintain relationships in the best way available. There are hundreds of “How To” real estate books. Most all of them share the same strategies and marketing suggestions. They provide far too much information, much of which is not effective. This book is completely different than all of them. I give a detailed list of things for you to do. It’s simple, inexpensive and incredibly effective. Use this system daily and you’ll know success like never before.”

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Jim McCord

I’ve been a full time licensed realtor for 25 years. Although I’m still licensed, I no longer sell. I coach realtors nationwide full time.

In 2009 I began using a system that completely changed my career. It works so well I wrote a book, “A Revolution in Real Estate Sales”, which quickly became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.